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+263 772 206 924

Tehillah is a 15m long pontoon boat. Designed for open, spacious coolness, it has lower deck ‘walls’ that can be opened out extending the lower deck by 1.8m to a total of 8m wide. These extended floors have firm fold up railings making the boat very safe for adults and children. The lower deck is fully carpeted with four double cabins, the toilets, a spacious living area and an open plan kitchen. The top deck has an eight seating table, two sun loungers and loose mattresses to lie on either under the roof in the shade or for the tanners, in the sun! 


Bedrooms: There are four identical double cabins, which have double cupboards and a dressing table. Two fold-out beds in the living area downstairs and mattresses upstairs make up the remaining beds for a full boat of 14. Children and singles often enjoy sleeping on the top deck in the breeze and with a view of the stars - there are six mattresses available in this case. Mosquito nets are provided for every bed.

Boat Number: 
Max Pax: 
Number of Cabins: 
4 Cabins, all double.
Number of Crew: 
3 Crew (Captain, chef and deckhand).
Evaporative coolers that run 24 hours.
Swimming Facility: 
Swimming cage & inflatable pool.
Cruising Speed: 
6 knots
Fuel Usage: 
Included in daily charge
Tender Boats: 
1 x 8 seater pontoon & 1 x 4 person small speedboat
1 Hot & 1 Cold
Plug Points: 
2 USB plug in each cabin & 2 x 13amp square plug points in lounge
Entertainment System: 
Bluetooth speaker
Charcoal braai on board
Child Friendly: 
Boat suits children 4 years and older.
Moored at: 
Anchorage Harbour
Boarding Times: 
Rates Include: 
Rates Exclude: 
National Parks fees