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Located in the tropics Kariba experiences wonderful temperate conditions all year round with fantastic sunshine most of the year round. The seasons have a marked effect of the flora and fauna.

Dry Season – April to October
Rainy Season – November to March

The dry season falls over the winter, which allows for cooler weather and better game viewing. With the African bush drying out it becomes easier to spot wildlife as well as predict their movements around waterholes, the cooler weather also makes activities such as walking safaris more pleasant.

The rainy season brings with it lush green landscape which makes it easier for the wildlife to hide but ultimately makes for a much more scenic surrounds.

Temperatures do vary but not drastically, winter days are pleasant at about 26 degrees Celsius and nights dropping to about 12 degrees Celsius. Summers can reach an average of 36 degree Celsius with nights dropping to just 24 degrees Celsius. Don’t be fooled though our summers can be brutal, October temperatures frequently reach 40+ degrees Celsius!